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Book a trip

To book a trip, select your travel options and enter the appropriate information, then click “Book”. You can check information about your booking and make payment on the next page.


Take note! Under the current immigration laws, this type of trip is carried out for the purpose - the opening of the next multiplicity of multi-entry Thai visas. If necessary, specify the possibility of obtaining a visa stamp!


Payment method
  1. Booking a seat, booking payment, booking cancellation
    1. After booking a seat, the Customer agrees to pay the full cost of services in 24 hours.
    2. Payment of a trip booked after 9:00 on the day prior to the day of the trip must be made within 3 hours, but not later than at 20:00 that day.
    3. In case of failure to make payment within the specified period, your seat booking may be canceled.
    4. Bookings shall be made until 20:00 on the day prior to the day of the trip.
    5. Bookings made after 20:00 on the day prior to the day of the trip are considered urgent and their possibility shall be discussed over the phone with the company’s operator.
    6. The total cost of the trip is calculated based on the selected parameters of the order and depends on the booking time. Reduced rates - for "early" (no later than 15 days before the date of the trip) and "standard" (no later than 5 days before the date of the trip) booking. The rate of the "early" booking is used when ordering online.
    7. Orders submitted later than 5 days before the date of travel are paid at the price of the “late” booking.
    8. The cost of a “private” and “semi-private” trip is determined by the number of passengers in the order and it depends on the selected parameters.
    9. When paying a booking fee with a credit card, the booking price is fixed in U.S. dollars at the rate of the electronic payment system Skrill; the booking price will include commission of the payment system Skrill (4%); also, in some cases, a card-issuing bank may charge an extra fee.
    10. All necessary visa and service fees are paid additionally during the trip in accordance with the current rate.
  2. Cancellation, no-show
    1. Fee for cancelation of a paid booking or amending it before the day preceding the day of the trip - 25% of the booking cost (75% of the cost is refunded to the Customer).
    2. Fee for cancelation of a paid booking or amending it from 00:00 to 20:00 on the day prior to the day of the trip - 50% of the booking cost (50% of the cost is refunded to the Customer).
    3. Fee for cancelation of a paid booking or amending it after 20:00 on the day prior to the day of the trip - 100% of the booking cost (the money will not be refunded to the Customer).
    4. In case of repayment to the Customer of a partial or full cost of the paid order, a refund is made to the Thai bank account reported by the Customer or to a bank card of the Customer (in case of payment with a bank card); other refund methods are subject to discussion.
    5. In case of absence/late arrival of the passenger, the booking cost will not be refunded to the Customer.
    6. In case of non-appearance/late arrival for the trip with chosen method of payment “by cash during pick up”, full cost of the trip should be reimbursed by the Customer in favor of our company.
  3. Getting on a bus, being late for the bus
    1. On the day of the trip the passenger shall arrive at the embussing point 5 minutes before the scheduled time.
    2. The minibus arrives at the embussing point at the scheduled time, but in some cases there may be delays (up to 20 minutes at the points 01-08).
    3. The minibus waits for passengers at the embussing points for not more than 2 minutes.
    4. If arrival of the minibus is delayed for more than 10 minutes, the passenger shall immediately contact the company’s operator at the telephone number +66900615090.
    5. In case of being late for the bus, the passenger can individually get to the «Raja Ferry» Lipa Noi pier; arriving not later than 10 minutes prior to departure of the ferry, a passenger will be able to join the main group.
    6. Boarding is made according to the list – by first and last names. Receipt/ticket are not required.
  4. On a trip
    1. Follow the instructions of the driver-guide, do not get lost and do not stay for a long time at stop points, do not delay the group.
    2. Be polite and friendly towards other passengers and the driver-guide.
    3. Drinking alcoholic beverages during the trip is prohibited.
    4. Transportation of bad-smelling, toxic, flammable and dirty items and substances in minibuses is prohibited.
    5. When crossing Thai/Malaysian border and, in particular, when visiting a Thai Consulate, we recommend our passengers to pay due attention to their appearance and do not recommend wearing revealing clothes. The same rule applies to the appearance of the visa recipient in the photographs submitted for visas.
    6. Film watching, Wi-Fi, 220V power supply on board the minibus are additions to the basic service, provided free of charge for the comfort of passengers. They are unavailable in some parts of the route, and, due to the technical characteristics of the devices used, claims of a possible malfunction of these devices are not accepted by our company.
    7. Possible type of accommodation in a Malaysian hotel: “Separate accommodation” (single room) or “Joint residence” (extended double or triple room or multi-bed family room) is selected as a parameter when ordering a visa trip.
    8. Due to route and organizational specifics, a “private” (“semi-private”) trip is not an analogy of a “VIP” trip. The top priorities are a strict adherence to the trip program (for the ultimate goal - obtaining a visa or a visa stamp) and ensuring comfort for all participants.
    9. Medical insurance for all passengers transported by our company is provided by a third party – the company «SI» (Safety Insurance Public Company Limited) – and covers the territory of Thailand. When entering other countries, a standard auto liability insurance of a carrier (company/private person) is applied. When an insured event occurs, all necessary payments of insurance premiums are provided to passengers by an insurance company, according to its official payment rules for insurance premiums. Our company does not accept any liability in respect of any payments in case of insured events.
    10. Passengers who deliberately violate these rules of the company during their trip may be denied the status of passengers followed by immediate debussing, regardless of the location.
  5. General rules of service
    1. In case the Customer provides false/invalid passenger data during booking, our company has the right in all possible disputable situations to refuse to settle the question in favor of the Customer.
    2. In some cases, for technical reasons, our company may cancel the trip or change its class, with prior notification and agreement with the Customer. In case of cancelation or a change in trip class, our company, at Customer's option, will return the trip cost (the trip is postponed to another date) / will refund the difference in class price. If the Customer is offered a more expensive class, extra payment is not required.
    3. Due to the specifics of the route: possible irregularities in the ferry schedule, bad weather conditions, high traffic density and so on, the time of departure and arrival might differ from the trip time in the program. In the event of any force majeure circumstances that result in deviation from the trip schedule, our company does not accept any claims. Our company makes every effort to observe the trip schedule.
    4. Based on direct information on current immigration rules and regulations, the company's main service (“visa service” and “visa tours”) includes: preliminary advisory support, pre-trip assistance in documents preparation, organization and conduct of group passenger transportation in order to obtain Visas at the Consulate of Thailand or visa stamps at the border control post. In any (rare, but possible) situations, such as: refusal to issue a visa from the Consulate of Thailand, refusal to issue a visa stamp, or refusal to grant permission to leave/enter from an employee of the border control point - the visa receiver bears full responsibility. Following the information recommendations of the company's employees and compliance with the existing rules of travel and preparation of documents reduces the potential for denial of visa issuance or visa stamping.
    5. All documents necessary to get a visa/stamp for all passengers should be independently prepared and checked for compliance with the required standards by the Customer; the ultimate responsibility for compliance rests on the Customer. All information about these standards is presented on the official website of the company – msamui.com (when booking a trip through the site) or is checked by the operator of the company (when booking a trip by the phone); our employees also conduct pre-trip visual inspection of passengers’ documents.
    6. All information about the immigration law contained on this site is provided as is, and under no circumstances it should be construed as official information, due to possible sudden changes in immigration law of Thailand. To obtain the most accurate information you should contact the operator of our company.
    7. "Expat" cards are the property of our company and issued to clients for temporary use. The amount of discounts, privileges for cardholders and rules for issuing and replacing the cards are determined by our company. All card deposits are non-refundable! The issue / replacement of the card may be refused, and / or the "Expat" status can be canceled without explanation by our company. The card is valid only for the person to whom it has been issued by the company. The "Expat" card is not generally issued to persons under 14 years of age. Being "Expat" means to be polite, cultured, conscious and behave decently on the territory of the Kingdom of Thailand!
    8. To file a complaint/claim/question/suggestion to be considered by the management of the company, you need to send a letter, written in a polite and literate manner, to the official e-mail address of the company - info@msamui.com. To order services of the company and for any other matters you should contact the operator by number +66900615090. For any reason and / or in the event of inability to resolve your issue with the company's operator, you can opt to communicate with the company's administration.
    9. Any information on this website and any other, factual or interpreted, material or intellectual property of the company «my Samui» (“My Samui Group Co., Ltd”) ‑ cannot be copied, stolen or used by any third party. No malicious actions (whether libelous, provocative, incendiary or other moral or physical activity of aggressive character, including any attempt to steal the commercial information of «my Samui») ‑ cannot be directed against or to the damage of existing employees, customers, partners or community of the company. When receiving any information about any intentional or uncontrolled direct or indirect actions of a destructive focus – full and coherent liability is imposed on a violator (physical person, law firm, group association).
    10. In the case of a client purchasing a company's services by telephone, in the company's office, or, in the case of ignorance, the client (third party) is not exempt from liability for not following this set of company rules.
  6. Child travel info
    1. According to the current immigration law of the Kingdom of Thailand visa or stamp for children is necessary! For violators of this rule may be used the standard punishing sanctions (excluding the payment of the fine). Currently, the measures are more stringent, beware!
    2. To obtain a visa/stamp by a parent in which passport there are records about children (under 14 years) required the presence of these children!
    3. Travel of children aged from 0 to 6 years without taking them separate seat is charged a special value.
    4. Not allowed to carry more than one child without a separate seat for one adult passenger.
    5. In case of a family travel (for a visa tour) and filing a visa application for a child (from 0 to 14 years old), in addition to the main list of necessary documents, in order to obtain a child visa, a confirming document is required - “Birth certificate” (original + certified copy in English/Thai language).
  7. For passengers from Koh Phangan
    1. Passengers from Koh Phangan and Koh Tao buy two-way ferry tickets by themselves and at their own expense. Cost of service of our company for passengers getting on a bus in Don Sak is given excluding the cost of ferry tickets.
    2. Internal transfer is not provided on Koh Phangan and Koh Tao.
    3. In Donsak our minibus awaits the arrival and embussing of passengers from Koh Phangan and Tao for no more than 30 minutes in excess of the designated time. In case of a delay, our driver will be forced to depart in order to respect the schedule.
    4. Delayed arrivals of ferries from Koh Phangan and Koh Tao at Donsak are not frequent, but they can happen. If the departure of the ferry from Koh Phangan or Koh Tao is delayed for more than 30 minutes, you should get off the ferry and choose another day for your trip.
    5. In cases of late arrival of the ferry from Koh Phangan or Koh Tao which results in late arrival for our trip, our company reimburses passengers the full cost of their trip (allows free ride on another day).
    6. For passengers from the Phangan and Tao islands, when returning from a trip to Penang or if it is impossible to return on the evening ferry, during a trip to Satun overnight accommodation in Donsak is provided. Accommodation in a double or triple room (bungalow) (single room - on request and with additional payment), morning transfer to the pier is included.

Booking cost
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