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Instructions for passport control on the Thai-Malaysian border (Satun)

  1. Immediately after the arrival of the minibus at the Thai-Malaysian border you should walk (about 50 m) to the Thai passport control department called «Khuandon» and present your passport at the window «Departure». The immigration officer will take your old Departure card, affixed to the passport, and put a departure stamp. In case of «over-stay» (you arrived at the border after the date stamped in the passport), you will have to pay a penalty at the border crossing office - 500 baht for each day of over-stay.
  2. Then you need to walk (about 100 m) to the Malaysian passport control department called «Kawalan Masuk», where you first shall present your passport at the window «Arrival» and, having received an entry stamp into Malaysia, immediately go to the window «Departure» to get a departure stamp from Malaysia.
  3. Go back to Thai passport control department «Khuandon» and visit the last window «Arrival», where you need to present a completed new Departure card and passport to get an entry stamp into Thailand.
  4. The purpose of the trip is achieved. Without delay return to your minibus. Other passengers are waiting for you to go back.

Filling out the border form (Thai border control)


1. Your last name
2. Your first name
3. Your nationality
4. Passport number
5. Your sex
6. Your date of birth
7. Address in Thailand
8. Your signature


1. Your last name
2. Your first name
3. Your date of birth
4. Your sex
5. Your nationality
6. Passport number
7. Your signature

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