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Useful information

Under current immigration law of the Kingdom of Thailand, all foreign citizens staying in the Kingdom temporarily or on a long-term basis shall be subject to the following visa regime:

1. Citizens of some foreign countries in case of a short-term (up to 30 days) stay in the Kingdom of Thailand are allowed a visa-free entry. At the airport or frontier crossing point, each person gets a special stamp in his/her passport, giving the right to a visa-free stay in the Kingdom.

2. Citizens of all foreign countries in case of a long-term (over 30 days) stay on the territory of the Kingdom of Thailand are subject to a special regime of issuing tourist and non-immigrant Thai visas. All types of Thai visas are available in Royal Thai Consulates outside the Kingdom of Thailand.

In case of leaving the Kingdom of Thailand after the expiry of the authorized period of stay (overstay) violators are subject to various penalties, from the payment of a fine (500 baht/a day of delay) to adding to the “black list”.

Foreign citizens who stay in the Kingdom of Thailand shall make a trip to a neighboring country to get a visa (“ visa run”). For the purpose of reactivation of a multiple Thai visa one shall make a trip to the border with the neighboring country (“border run”).

Answers to frequently asked questions about Thai visas and services of our company:

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